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Choose the right center for my permanent hair removal

Today there is a large number of offers on the laser hair removal market with sometimes very attractive prices and promises.
But how to choose an effective, safe and painless hair removal?

1. The efficiency of the laser

One of the most important points is the technology used in the center.
It should be noted that depending on the manufacturers, hair removal lasers do not have the same reliability or the same efficiency.
Here are the important parameters to help you make the right choice:
– Does the laser treat all types of skin, during summer and winter, and also tanned skin?
The answer must be yes, it means that the laser is selective (removes the hair but does not damage the skin).
Different centers suggest you to not expose to the sun after hair removal in order not to aggravate the skin irritation or to get scars.

laser epilation permanente selective


irritation peau suite epilation laser

Does not damage skin

epilation laser en ete peau bronzee


epilation en hiver


The used wavelength used. There are three types of them for lasers: alexandrite 755nm, Nd YAG 1064 nm (for hair removal on olive, black and asian skins) and Ruby 694 nm (for blond hair removal). And two differents for diodes 808 or 810 nm (depending on the manufacturer).
They are essential for the effectiveness and safety of treatment.
The duration of laser shots: The longer the duration is the longer your skin may heat and undergo/be subject to changes in its pigmentation, and even scars. The lower the power is, the more painless the treatment is.

brulure pendant epilation laser

Skin may heat

epilation laser douloureuse

Pain and scars

– The theoretical minimum duration between two sessions of hair removal: shows you the level of selectivity of the laser. The shorter the duration is, the more it means that the laser is selective (removes hair without damaging your skin). Today the best results are 3 days.

laser hair removal choose well

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2. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure

Laser hair removal requires the expertise of a doctor because many parameters must be taken into account to provide efficient and safe hair removal (color and thickness of the hair, skin color, skin problem, allergy …).

During the first consultation, the doctor has to make a structured and complete medical examination. During this consultation, he will also make a test on a few square centimeters of your skin.

Before choosing your laser hair removal center, make sure that the person who is going to treat you is a Doctor of Medicine, has an inter-university Diploma in laser dermatology or medical lasers (diplomas authorizing the use of medical lasers class IV).

3. Doctor has to advise

The doctor has to be at your service because in some cases, alternatives of the laser hair removal might be a better solution.
A good center has several technologies and will guide you to the most convenient/appropriate solution.
Depending on your hair and skin color, the doctor of the laser center should choose an appropriate wavelength. Ask your doctor why he chooses this one.
At the end of your first consultation, you will be given a consent form containing all the treatment information. Read it and feel free to ask for details about the effectiveness, safety and possible feel of pain.

Remember: A doctor should not push you to make your decision for hair removal but just advise you.

Every year our doctors treat patients with bad results or scars caused by hair removal done in other centers.
Don’t forget that your body is important.

If it’s your case, we advise you our new scar removal technology RecoSMA™.

Our doctors and equipment used in our centers were elaborately/strictly tested and validated to meet the above mentioned requirements, and to give you guaranty necessary to provide you a secure and high-quality hair removal.