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Diode and electric hair removal

In some cases, it is not possible to use effectively laser hair removal Qool™ : very thin hair, white hair, paradoxical hair growth, skin problems …
electric hair removal

The electric laser or electrolysis

The electric laser works by sending an electric discharge directly to the root of the hair which causes a natural chemical reaction that is called electrolysis.

Electrolysis consists in a release of “caustic soda” which will cause the permanent hair destruction.

This procedure might be interesting, for example, for white hairs.

Diode lasers or IPL

Being less selective than the Qool™ hair removal laser, in some cases the diode laser can be used for specific areas with an appropriate skin and hair combination.
In our centers, we use the Milesman diode lasers, technological leader which has no “hot spot” allowing efficient hair treatment without any discomfort for the patient.
As for IPL, the equipment and tips are important: its non-selectivity means that your skin will potentially heat as much as the hair. It cannot be applied anyhow because of risk of burns and scars.

Note: Be careful not to confuse the diode lasers with low power lamps used in beauty salons and non-medical centers. They require a big number of sessions for hair removal which will never be permanent.