Laser hair removal, our methods are patented and very selective. All phototypes can be treated throughout the year including in summer.

Laser hair removal

It is now the method preferred by women and men, to replace hair removal with razor, pliers or wax.

Removing scars is certainly the dream of everyone who has them. Thanks to our RECOSMA technology, the elimination of scars has become a reality.

Laser scar removal

Removing scars is certainly the dream of all who have them. Is it possible to remove a scar by replacing it with intact skin?

Nous proposons aujourd'hui 2 solutions sûres pour le traitement des cicatrices post-acné: le peeling laser Erbium (Er: YAG) et le traitement laser RecoSMA.

Post-acne scars

Two reliable treatment solutions: Erbium laser peeling (Er: YAG) and RecoSMA ™ laser treatment.

La Cryolipolyse est une nouvelle technologie qui permet de réduire les amas graisseux localisés, sans chirurgie, grâce à l’action du froid sur les adipocytes.


CRYOLIPOLYSE is a new technology that allows to reduce the localized fatty masses, without surgery, thanks to the action of the cold on the adipocytes.

La lipolyse à la PPC est une nouvelle technique d'injection utilisée pour réduire les masses graisseuses localisées. Technique alternative à la liposuccion.

Lipolyse to PPC

A new injection technique. Injections of PPC * associated with deoxycholate have long been used to reduce (dissolve) localized fatty clusters.

Deep Acoustic Wave ™ technology is mainly used for tattoo removal. This technology differs from conventional tattoo removal lasers since it destructs tattooing layer by layer.

Tattoos treatment

Want to get rid of your tattoos?
At ALFA LASER CENTER, the removal of tattoos and permanent makeup is safe!

Le rajeunissement au laser RecoSMA "déclenche" un processus de régénération de la peau pour avoir une solution permanente pour l'élimination des vergetures.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks (striae) often appear as a result of rapid weight gain.