Removing scars is certainly the dream of everyone who has them. Thanks to our RECOSMA technology, the elimination of scars has become a reality.

Laser scar removal

Removing scars is certainly the dream of all who have them. Is it possible to remove a scar by replacing it with intact skin?

Remove scars with a laser

Yes, thanks to current means, scar removal has become a reality, although this may require several treatment sessions. So, if you are fully committed to getting rid of your scars, let’s get started!

RecoSMA® rejuvenation is one of the most modern methods of scar removal. This method removes scars safely and does not require a long period of recovery. Following treatment, the collagen fibres are reabsorbed. The body begins to produce new fibres and the tissue structure in this area normalises. In the end, the scars disappear completely.

RecoSMA® rejuvenation helps to get rid of any kind of scars, including stretch marks and acne scars.

To begin with, it is necessary to eliminate the scar tissue step by step. For this we use an Erbium laser which causes the excess tissue to evaporate, layer by layer. Then we use laser technology to coagulate the blood vessels that irrigate the scar. In this way, the scar tissue does not develop. A healthy tissue is actively formed and the scar is reduced.

Sometimes, in order to stop the growth of the scar (a keloid, for example), laser treatment can be combined with mesotherapy (intradermal injections).

Remodeling of scars is another very effective method to mitigate them. This method is used in particular for the treatment of atrophic scars (crater scars). Special injections allow the scar to be raised to the level of the skin.

We do not recommend chemical peels because they can cause, in some cases, scar growth or side effects such as hyperpigmentation of adjacent tissues.

Effectiveness of laser scar treatment

From the first session, the scar becomes much less visible. After the course of the sessions recommended by the doctor, you will observe the scar peeling.

Safety of laser scar treatment

Removal of scars by laser is completely safe thanks to the experience of doctors at LINLINE Laser & Aesthetic Centres. This treatment has virtually no contraindications.
During the healing period, which lasts from 5 to 7 days, the doctor’s recommendations should be followed.

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