Le rajeunissement au laser RecoSMA "déclenche" un processus de régénération de la peau pour avoir une solution permanente pour l'élimination des vergetures.

Stretch marks

Get rid of stretch marks? Easy!

Stretch marks (striae) often appear as a result of rapid weight gain. During pregnancy, for example, in adolescence or in athletes. The skin then tightens strongly, causing the elastic fibres of the dermis to rupture, which leads to the appearance of flat atrophic scars (stretch marks).

How to remove stretch marks?

Overall, the approach for the treatment of stretch marks is the same as that for the treatment of scars. The difference lies solely in the volume and extent of the stretch marks.
Current cosmetology has different ways to fight stretch marks: cosmetic treatments with retinoids, algae wraps, phototherapy, different peels, depressomassage … These preventive measures accelerate the cellular metabolism, nourish and moisturise the skin.
Under the effect of chemical or laser peels, the superficial layers of the skin are removed, the surface is smooth, the regeneration process is activated and the stretch marks on body become less visible.
RecoSMA® laser rejuvenation “triggers” a process of skin regeneration: the skin surface regains its elasticity, stretch marks become less pronounced. The recovery period lasts between 3 and 8 days and happens without discomfort or pain.
These treatments are usually done in a few sessions. The number of sessions necessary to obtain a good result depends on the condition of the skin, the age of the stretch marks, the specificities of each patient, all this is determined by the doctor during a prior consultation.
In our centres, for the removal of stretch marks we use laser methods (RecoSMA ® rejuvenation, laser peeling) and cosmetic treatments (chemical depressomassage, mesotherapy and peeling).

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