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QOOL™ laser hair removal treatment

Basic principle of laser hair removal:

The principle of hair removal is simple: the light energy destroys hair by thermocoagulation (energy transforms into heat that eliminates hair cells).
We use laser (and not IPL, flash lamp, diode…) because it allows using a precise wavelength. These wavelengths allow to target the specific element according with its color, in this case, the melanin (pigment) that colors the hair.
It allows to avoid burning the skin during hair removal.

For a hair to be permanently removed:

– The destruction of the bulb (root) of the hair is imperative.
– The light beam (and the heat) sent by the laser is absorbed by the hair on the surface then transmitted deep down along it.

To destroy a hair in a permanent way, it is necessary that this hair is both visible on the surface and attached to its root. This is possible only when the hair is in growth phase (anagen).

Knowing that 10 to 30% of our hair is in the anagen phase, it takes several sessions to eradicate the hair on a given area (armpits, bikini, legs, arms, face).

The hair cycle varies between 2 months (upper lip) and 6 months (legs and thighs).

Patented Laser Hair Removal Technology Qool Hair Removal ™

Specialist in laser hair removal for over 25 years

The ultra-selectivity of the laser used in our centers allows the treatment:
✓ Of all skin colors.
Without pain.
In complete safety.
✓ During summer and winter, and also tanned skin.
✓ You can expose to the sun before and after treatment.
✓ 80 to 90% of hairs in the anagen phase are destroyed during the session.

The QOOL method of laser hair removal is unique. Patented, this method of ultra-selective laser hair removal has no analogue and can only be performed with the MULTILINE™ lasers.

The QOOL hair removal is distinguished from other lasers mainly by its mode of action:
the duration of its shots is much shorter. The duration of action is counted in nanosecond (ns) – or 0.000 000 001 seconds! The sent energy does not need to be as strong as the energy sent by other lasers which helps to avoid damaging the skin.
The QOOL hair removal sends as much energy as the other lasers but distributes it in several times which allows the skin not to be burned.

The usual methods of photo-epilation or laser hair removal can heat the skin which can cause a change in your skin pigmentation, even scars if the energy is too strong.

epilation laser rapide et efficace


burn during laser hair removal

Without burns

Important tips for your safety:

A simple tip to control the quality of a laser is to ask: is it possible to expose to the sun after hair removal, how many days in theory are necessary between two sessions? (if you are interested you can check our advice page here).

With our laser, the time between two treatments (theoretical) is 3 days and there is no contraindication to the sun exposure. This means that the laser we use is very selective and does not damage your skin. This is also the reason why the sessions are almost painless.

This safety for your skin allows us to remove hair on all areas of the body.
The most common are the bikini, armpits, legs and face.

Number of laser hair removal sessions:

In general between 5 and 10 sessions with an interval of 4 to 7 weeks are usually necessary to completely treat an area such as the armpits or the bikini (time needed for all the hair to pass in anagen phase).

Women’s chin and upper lip often require more sessions because the presence of hair in this area often shows hormonal imbalance.

The prices of the laser hair removal are generally higher than the prices of the depilation by flash lamps, diode or IPL.

This is normal: the cost of the machine is higher, the results are of better quality and the treatment is performed by a doctor, it is the price of the safety.