Micool A is intended for people who want to permanently eliminate unsightly greasy clumps that resist dieting and sports.

What is the Cryo Fat Reducer?

Micool A is intended for people who want to permanently eliminate unsightly greasy clumps that resist dieting and sports.
The technique of cryolipolysis used is not a weight loss solution for obese people but a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.
Micool A does not require any dietary supplements, medications, or diets to be effective.
Once the results are observed after the treatment, a good hygiene of life is obvious to the patient.

Advantage of Cryolipolysis

An effective and natural process Micool A causes a process of Apoptosis that gradually reduces the fat layer, although an immediate transformation is observed after the session. The elimination of the fat cells by the body is carried out naturally for 1 to 3 months after which the most remarkable results are most often observed.

Safety of the procedure Without surgery, the MICOOL A is non-invasive, without pain, nor social eviction. Cold energy is delivered to the subcutaneous fat layer without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. 8 temperature sensors, a Smart Gel Pad, a Smart Liner and a massage function ensure safety during application.


> Two zones can be treated simultaneously with two applicators. (saving time, better profitability).
> 8 easily interchangeable specific tips adapted to the areas to be treated.
> Intuitive and ergonomic software that allows to adjust: vacuum pressure, processing time, temperature.
> Each applicator can be adjusted separately to optimize results according to the target area.
> The applicators have 8 temperature control sensors for greater efficiency and safety.
> Massage function by vacuum (better distribution of cells frozen by the cold, promotes the elimination of lipids).

Simple to use, reliable and safe

Arms, belly, hip, gluteal fold … In 1 hour it is done, with the possibility of treating 2 zones simultaneously!

Gel pad and intelligent coating

During the energy transfer, the Smart Gel Pad protects the skin on the surface. It makes it possible to use the right temperature to achieve the desired results even in the most sensitive areas.
The Smart Liner contributes to body hygiene, protects the machine against foreign matter absorption, improves suction comfort
and prolongs the life of applicators.

Areas of application

– Love handle
– Belly
– Hip
– Thigh
– Knee
– Bra line
– Bottom of arm
– Upper Hip
– Buttocks

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