Target Creation ™, a method of blood vessel coagulation using a laser beam that simultaneously emits pulses at two wavelengths.

Target Creation™ Technology

This new method of blood vessel coagulation uses a laser beam that simultaneously emits pulses at two wavelengths, offering a solution to the following issues typical of aesthetic medicine:
inability to safely coagulate large or deeply located vessels
overheating of the surrounding tissues and risk of resultant scarring
altering normal skin pigmentation
Previously, the problems listed above could not be resolved using traditional means since the latter fell under strict limitations of use.
First of all, it was hard to determine the wavelength at which the blood’s oxyhaemoglobin would absorb radiation without affecting other skin chemicals.
For example, melanin, the main competing chromophore in the skin, absorbs laser radiation much more effectively than oxyhaemoglobin. This affects the depth of laser penetration, preventing it from reaching deeply embedded structures.
Secondly, the size, and hence heat capacity of a vessel in a segment of skin can change tenfold, resulting in the inability to determine a unified pulse width to suit vessels of various sizes. Once overheated, the smallest vessels respond to excessive heat exposure by disseminating heat to the surrounding tissues, leading to their disastrous overheating and followed by scarring. At the same time, the larger vessels will not get enough heat to cause coagulation. So, what do we do to provide adequate laser influence selectivity on the vessels to avoid these adverse reactions? The answer to this question is in a new method of vascular coagulation, Target Creation Technology™. The essence of this innovative approach to coagulation is its simultaneous, tuneable two­wavelength operation. The first wavelength is absorbed by both haemoglobin and melanin. Its laser power is sufficient to create specks of coagulated blood, but not sufficiently powerful that it could alter the natural pigmentation.
With this scenario in place, the first wave preps a “sure­to­be­targeted” segment of tissue for the second wave to strike. Hence, the second wavelength does not disperse energy and is not, in effect, absorbed by anything other than the coagulated speck. This new technology provides instantaneous effective heating of the volume of the entire vessel followed by coagulation of the latter (up to several millimetres).
Immediately following laser therapy, the vessels underneath the skin will gradually begin darkening. The pain sensation is minimal. The exclusive selectivity of this method is its most distinctive feature.
In summary, only the blood vessels are heated and coagulated, but the surrounding tissues remain intact. Since the surrounding tissues are not heated above a minimal threshold, the risk of scarring is virtually eliminated.

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