Qool hair removal ™ addresses the top three issues that concern most of you: safety, sensitivity and effectiveness.

QOOL laser hair removal: it’s unique!

How do you choose the best laser hair removal? We have identified the three main issues that worry most of you: safety, sensitivity & efficiency. The details below concern the QOOL-epilation method used in LINLINE centres and at our partner clinics.

The secret of QOOL-epilation is the use of a patented mode of action. QOOL-epilation is distinguished from other lasers mainly because the duration of the shots is millions of times faster! The duration of action is counted in nanosecond (ns) – or 0.000 000 001 seconds!

Patented method

The QOOL method of laser hair removal is unique. Patented, this ultra-selective laser hair removal method has no analogue and can only be performed using MULTILINE ™ lasers.

Safe hair removal

The usual methods of photo-epilation or laser hair removal strongly heat the skin which can cause a change in the natural pigmentation (pigmentary spots or depigmentation of cutaneous areas), even scars. The cooling systems of the skin used in these cases – cold air ventilation, cooling nozzles, cooled sapphire etc. – serve only to alleviate the painful sensations, without diminishing the risk of dangerous overheating of the deep layers of the epidermis. The QOOL laser hair removal method is the only “cold” method in the world. This means that the skin is only mildly heated during the procedure. This is the guarantee of safety for your skin.

A gentle method for your skin

QOOL laser hair removal has been specially designed for the most sensitive areas of the face and body: neck, bikini area, underarms, etc. You will never have experienced such comfort during a laser treatment which before was not possible with the traditional laser hair removal methods.

3 tests to appreciate the benefits of QOOL-epilation:

Test n°1

Let’s put a hair on the bottom of a container filled with water. Let’s treat it with a laser or photo-epilator. Only QOOL laser hair removal will destroy the hair instantly. No other device can do that. How to interpret this test? As you know, human skin is made up of 90% water. Thus, while ordinary lasers “burn” the outer part of the hair and thus warm the water, all cannot prove absolutely effective in the deepest layers of the skin.

What does this test show? As we know our body is 90% water. Like during this test, other techniques only “burn” hair on the skin surface but cannot treat it below the surface of the skin and remove the root.

Test n°2

Let’s treat an area of non-hairy skin. The palm of the hand or the inner part of the arm, for example. An ordinary epilation will cause a sharp pain, betraying the non-selective nature of its action. WithQOOL laser hair removal of these areas there are no effects. It is the only method of epilation that acts exclusively on the hair. Any other laser or photo-epilator strongly overheats the skin causing pain, whether it is hairy or not. (Test carried out by deactivating the cooling functions of the lasers).

Test n°3

A dark phototype or very tanned skin is a contraindication for laser hair removal treatments or photo-hair removal, except for QOOL laser hair removal . In fact, a dark skin will tend to heat more strongly, resulting in a burning, because all the energy is absorbed in the upper layer of the epidermis before reaching the hair follicle. Thus, ordinary epilation on dark skin is not only dangerous, but also ineffective.

QOOL laser hair removal seems to have been created for dark skins and you can, without any risk, expose yourself to the sun in between 2 sessions.

The main indications for QOOL-epilation

  • Epilation of the bikini area
  • Epilation of the upper lip
  • Epilation of the armpits
  • Epilation of the legs (calves, thighs)
  • Epilation of the neck


The hair should be shaved, the recommended length is 1 to 2 mm. The day before the procedure, do not apply cosmetic products to the skin (no moisturiser, no deodorant or any other product on the area or areas to be treated, and especially no anesthetic cream which is a contraindication to treatment).There are no other requirements.

After hair removal treatments at LINLINE Centres: there are no restrictions, you can bathe, sunbathe, continue your current activities or go on holiday!


  • Selective and safe method,
  • Almost painless,
  • Effective,
  • You can sunbathe before and after treatment,
  • Suitable for all skin types.

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