RecoSMA™ technology is the latest in rejuvenation methods. Effective and safe, it helps to reshape the skin and fight against wrinkles and imperfections. Get to know this revolutionary new method of rejuvenation.

RecoSMA ™ technology for truly rejuvenated skin!

RecoSMA ® is the latest in rejuvenation methods. Efficient and safe, it helps to remodel the skin and to fight against wrinkles and imperfections. The skin is renewed and becomes visibly younger and toned. RecoSMA ®can be used on any part of the body (

Even in areas where the skin is most sensitive and mobile, for example the eye contour, eyelids, neck and décolleté. No anesthesia is necessary or any special care before or after treatment which means this method is perfect for all over the body. Get to know this new revolutionary method of rejuvenation!


The latest clinical research on this new method of skin rejuvenation was carried out by Dr. Mario A. Trelles, President of the European Society of Laser Esthetic Surgery (ESLAS) & the European Laser Association (ELA). A Doctor of Medicine and a surgeon in reconstructive plastic surgery, he is the author of more than 400 articles published in international scientific journals and an international editor of the Dermatological Surgery Journal (USA). Dr Trelles is one of the world’s leading specialists in laser medicine. The research was conducted in France, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.


The RecoSMA ™ is the latest anti-aging laser. It is the only one with this type of effect that does not require local anesthesia or cooling system. Other treatments, such as fractional laser rejuvenation, which is quite widespread, are painful even after taking painkillers and applying a layer of anesthetic cream to the face. All the other techniques – fractional lasers, radiofrequency, radiolifting, ultrasonic lifting, and others – are much more painful.
RecoSMA ™ is the first and only “NON THERMAL” method: it does not cause deep tissue burns.


RecoSMA ® is a real innovation. RecoSMA ® is available only with MultilineTM devices, whose operating modes are patented.


Skin overheating, pain, long recovery, instability of results, risk of side effects (congestion, prolonged swelling, scarring, etc.) are the hallmarks of traditional technologies.
The RecoSMA ® method is designed to minimise this.
Limitation of side effects and risks. With over thirty thousand treatments performed in different centres and clinics, we have not had a single case of serious unwanted side effects. After treatment, you can resume with your usual lifestyle very quickly.

How does the procedure work?

After an initial consultation, the doctor will ensure the method according to your personal case and the absence of any contraindications. After a period of reflection of about fifteen days, D-Day arrives! The RecoSMA® session begins!

In general, no preparation is necessary. The laser acts gently on micro zones, smaller than a human cell and therefore invisible to the naked eye. To give you an idea, the full stop at the end of this paragraph could contain a few hundred micro zones! The skin, not deeply traumatised, retains its protective function, thus limiting complications.

In response to the action of the laser, the organism addresses itself literally at the cellular level, the memory preserved in DNA, to force the skin, marked by years of life and unfavorable treatments, to renew itself. The skin regains the state in which it should be, lessening the wrinkles and also scars: the remodeling is complete.

Over the following days, the skin begins to peel intensely, revealing new, young, slightly pink skin, for one to 2 weeks. You can thus observe the rejuvenating effect at work in the first few weeks. In general, one session is sufficient for a first visible effect. For more damaged skin, having never or rarely benefited from aesthetic care, one or more complementary sessions can potentiate the effects.

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